The Survivor

Some art I did for my friend Chelsea. Her sister had a brain tumor, and she handled it like a champ. The entire inspiring story is chronicled on Chelsea's blog through beautiful and sometimes heart wrenching photos (Chelsea's kind of great at making life look amazing through cameras). Go check it out.

All I had to go off of was a Bible verse and that her sister was referring to herself as a rock star for coming out of freaking brain surgery unscathed. I feel like you get to call yourself whatever you want if you can power through brain surgery like most people do cavity fillings. 

I had two ideas fighting for attention in my brain, so I made them both. I also wanted to try out those new watercolor brushes I mentioned in the last post (I actually made these before the bear). I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, and more importantly, Chelsea's sister likes them, which gives me all of the good feelings.

rockstar 1 small.jpg
rockstar 2 small.jpg

Congrats to you Alicia. Your positive spirit and determination are inspiring. Here's to many, many more healthy and happy years being a rock star.