She who must not be looked upon

I thought this would make a perfect pairing. Like the previous sketch dailies entry, I started this one on my coworker's Surface Pro 2. When he first brought it in, he had the default stylus and no screen protector. I thought the experience was okay, but didn't like it more than my aging Cintiq 12WX. 

The next time he brought it, he had a compatible Wacom pen with a felt nib, and a matte screen cover. He'd also tweaked the settings a bit, making Manga Studio more responsive. The new pen and screen cover made a huge difference, offering more paper and pen-like friction. I sketched out the doodle above and emailed it to myself to tinker with later at home.

Add a keyboard to that thing and the Surface Pro running Manga Studio 5 is awfully tempting. Still, I think I'm going to hold out for the Cintiq Companion refresh (hopefully in August/early fall). I want the slightly bigger screen, better processor and amount of RAM the Companion offers. 

PS - If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you already saw this sketch. I'm going to try to start posting them here too with a bit more background behind each one. So come on back if you like peeking behind curtains.