Book Recommendation: Framed Ink

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What I love most about art is how big it is. How there’s always something more to learn and improve on. To that end, I’m always on the lookout for new art books. I’ve been reading one recently that I’m sure will have an influence on how I approach my daily doodles (actually, it already has).

Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre is a phenomenal book about visual storytelling. A few years ago I had my portfolio critiqued by an art director at a SCBWI conference. He told me too many of the images in my portfolio looked like standalone pictures. It would be better, he said, to have pictures that looked as if they were part of a scene. They should make the viewer wonder what would happen next. They should be part of a story, and tell a small story on their own.

Framed Ink is all about the story. Marcos Mateu-Mestre is clearly a talented and thoughtful artist. Just read the text in these examples.

Amazing right? I never would have thought of things like eye level of the characters, or the subtle acknowledgement of power. The book is packed with neat stuff like that. Framed Ink is available on Amazon if you’re interested. I highly recommend it.