XO Communications


The target demo here was small and medium size businesses. At those levels, the people buying the Internet are an interesting mix. On the larger side, it’s an IT professional. She knows exactly what she wants and what she thinks she should pay for it. On the smaller side, it’s a business person wearing multiple hats, or an assistant who has been told to “order new Internet.” The challenge was talking to them both at the same time.

The language is conversational, explaining benefits without going too deep into explaining technology--which was a tough line to walk when I had to fit in mentions of all their products, and every time you write XO in body copy it sticks out and makes the reading rhythm wonky.

Since this site was also meant to rank on specific search terms, the copy is heavier than a straight transaction page. There’s also links to a whitepaper (a must in the B2B space) and customer testimonials.