Occasionally I do some work for WordPress.com--mostly conversion related stuff like landing pages, social ads and display ads. Yes, I am aware I have a SquareSpace site, but hey that means I have a healthy understanding of the competition. 

Sample 1: This is a landing page for the business plans at WordPress.com. They had these really great videos about an initiative they assisted in Detroit to help small businesses get online. They wanted to leverage the language and tone in those in the landing page. The biggest challenge was to communicate that a website from WordPress.com would help a small business without adding more work for the small business person. There's a thin line between, "this thing is hassle free" and "this thing is too bare bones." They need to feel like they're getting something made for professionals, but shouldn't feel like they need to hire professionals to get it up and running. I think this page, and the corresponding videos, deliver that message. 

Sample 2: This is a direct mail piece for small business owners, specifically restaurants. WordPress wanted to leverage their targeted domains with a super targeted mailer--restaurant owners without websites. This mailer is one of the first print media campaigns to use the new brand look and feel.