Verizon Wireless


Unlike FiOS these pages weren’t on a Verizon subdomain, but were instead made to live on their site. Because of that we had to stick very close to their brand and messaging guidelines--it’s all about the products and the network here.

We did make a few key changes to navigation. Their site had a navigation that popped open massive sub-nav menus. We honed it down to “Shop Plans” and “Shop Devices” with a bonus section about Verizon--a page that explains the benefits of the network and encourages people to switch. Instead of separate pages for phones and tablets, we lumped them all together. The new page has an easy sorting option so you can view any type of device you want without having to click and reload a massive list of products.

While working on these pages Verizon went through a complete rebrand, which means this page didn't get to stay live long. Single tear.