How to get ahead at work by acting like a visible expert

You probably won’t find this directly stated in your employee handbook, but the way you are perceived can have just as much of an impact on your opportunities and compensation at your job as your performance. Making sure people are aware of your abilities and the amazing work you do could help you move up the ladder.

But how do you do that without looking like an ego maniac? Enter the visible expert. You might not know one personally, but you’ve definitely heard from one before. They’re the people you see on TV news segments, weighing in with their opinion. You’ve see them quoted online, or you’ve listened to one deliver a keynote at an industry conference. They know a thing or two about increasing perception.

Below you’ll find some of the tactics they employ that you can easily replicate. This won’t turn you into a visible expert, but it could make your annual review look a lot better.

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