Script/Video Writing

I've written commercials, video tutorials, education curriculum and much more. I often end up fulfilling more than just the writing role on a video project. I've storyboarded commercials, directed video shoots, provided voice over, I've even acted in a few things. 



I wrote two of the three spots of the May The Best Loan Win campaign for LendingTree (I also did punch up on the third). These spots were made to reflect the new brand positioning done in 2018. I helped cast the commercials and helped with the art direction.

I wanted a symmetrical, whimsical and vibrant look. Call it Wes Anderson adjacent. For these ads we brought back the director (Terry Rietta) and production designer (Leigh Poindexter) of the spots below. The two of them both brought so much to these ads and were a joy to work with.


I had a hand in every bit of the production of these spots. Of course I worked on the scripts, but I also helped with casting, wardrobe selection, graphics, editing, even selecting the music. I think they’re pretty funny. They also performed well for the brand.

*Due to streaming rights, these ads are hosted on, so you’ll have to pop over there to watch them. Just click on the picture and it should take you there.


This spot was made to kick off the launch of LendingTree's rebrand. The goal was to focus more on the brand and emotion and less on the direct response salesy elements old spots leaned on. We wanted to tie the products to a story and a relatable family and show viewers the value added to them over the years. It performed high in trust and brand recognition in our market research, which was exactly what we were looking for.

For this one we tried to blend some of that soft brand focus with something a little more direct response oriented. We added a touch of discovery too. Thanks to user research we knew that few customers knew taking out a personal loan to pay off credit cards was a smart financial move. We highlighted that here, even going as far as having the actress say, “I didn’t even know you could do that.” This ad has performed incredibly well, and I think that bit of discovery is what helped.


I wrote and storyboarded this commercial for LendingTree, starring the CEO. At this point we weren't sure how long the commercial would be, and what kind of movement we'd have in it. We knew the basics of what we wanted--for him to walk a bit, for the offers to pop up from his phone, and for the background to whoosh out behind him at the end. We shared this with production studios before selecting one for the actual shoot. 


Here's the 30 second version of the commercial I storyboarded and wrote. We worked with Sandwich Video on this and they were fantastic. They did an amazing job bringing the script and storyboard to life, all while simplifying the action to make it easier on the viewer, and the non-actor star. We also shot a 60 second version and a few 15 second variations. 


I worked on the script for this animated spot with a couple of others, hammering out the language until it reached maximum effectiveness. When you're doing a direct response ad, every word counts. 


LendingTree sponsors the Charlotte Hornets, the logo's on the jersey and everything. To kick off the first season of the sponsorship, we made a bunch of videos with LendingTree's mascot, Lenny, and their mascot, Hugo. I wrote a ton of these, and it was a blast seeing Lenny's puppeteers bring them to life. The final polished versions can be seen on the jumbotron during games. This one contains a very stupid joke that I'm proud of. 


LendingTree Academy is a free resource to My LendingTree members (also a free service). The videos explain common, everyday financial questions in bit-sized lessons. I scripted the first two course, assisted with directing, art direction, and even acted in a few lessons. Occasionally my experience as an educator comes in to play with my marketing/advertising copywriting career, and that's always fun. Hooray for learning! 


In November 2017 I launched a business at that does exactly what it sounds like it does. It's a ridiculous business with an equally ridiculous video (featuring my ridiculous Movember facial hair at the time). I recruited friends and their dogs to bring it all together in a single day of shooting. It's goofy and fun, and so far it hasn't stopped anyone from submitting dog drawing orders. 


Okay, so there's not a ton of writing involved in this video. In the weeks leading up to my book's release, Chronicle Books asked if I could do a behind-the-scenes style video. I did two, one set to music, and this one, where my wife sort of interviews me about the process as it happens. Every time I finish making one of these speed art videos, I wonder why I don't do it more often (time, time is the answer), they're fun to make and watch.