I've done a variety of product launches for Rubbermaid (and still do). These launches usually include a comprehensive list of collateral including brochures, landing pages, marketing emails, spec sheets, even scripts for sizzle videos. This is a brochure for their Enhance line of receptacles. These high-end products were made with high-end locations in mind (nice hotels, restaurants, design agencies, etc.) . My goal was to communicate the superior build quality and customization, while also highlighting the ease of use and durability Rubbermaid is known for. The easiest way to communicate premium features is with bold statements that blur the line between marketing and fact. Apple, Lexus, Rolex, they all use the same strategy. Periods instead of exclamation marks. Declarations that feel important (and also agreeable). It's harder to pull off than it sounds, especially when instead of writing about cars and laptops you're writing about trash cans.