Yikes! This whole thing kinda caught me off guard. Didn't think anyone would actually want to hang up/wear my silly doodles. I put up a pre-order form, and then that exploded my inbox. It will take me forever to email everyone back, and I don't want to get spammy.

So please take a sec and read this. Should tell you everything you need to know.  

I managed to get the Pup Fiction and Ron Man images (two of the most requested)pictures up for a sale if you'd like a print or a shirt (Ron Man shirt is coming soon). 

Print or Print with caption

Print or Print with caption

FREE SHIPPING LINK (that's only good till November 9, sorry, I have no control over the free shipping promos on Society 6)

I'm working on some of the other highly requested ones. Keep an eye on the blog or my Twitter account for updates. 

Want to get an email when more are done? Fill this out. Don't worry, I'll email you ONE time, in a week or two, and that's it. No spamming. 

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Ron Man, Pup Fiction, T., etc.