As the Content Director at LendingTree I write a little bit of everything--landing pages, commercials, billboards, recruiting ads, UX copy and more.  I'm also responsible for the content style guide. This was a project I worked on for weeks ahead of LendingTree's rebrand launch, and I still update it regularly. Check it out!

Sample 1: I’ve written a bunch of commercials for LendingTree, but this one is probably my favorite. I didn’t just write the script either, I had a part in the entire production, helping make decisions on casting, location, wardrobe, editing, color correction, on-screen graphics and more.

Sample 2: This is an excerpt from one of the videos in the first course at LendingTree Academy. I scripted, co-directed, and art directed this course. LendingTree Academy is a service you get just for signing up for a free My LendingTree account. I even acted in one of the lessons. There are more videos there if you want to create an account and see more. 

Sample 3: This is a landing page for the My LendingTree app. Instead of kicking people straight to the download store that corresponds with their device (iOS or Android) from an ad, we decided to try a landing page to explain the app a bit more. We needed to communicate what the app does, and make it clear that it comes at zero cost to the customer. I also wrote most of the copy within the app, including the emails and push notifications it sends.

Sample 4: This is a redesigned landing page that I worked on to go with a new commercial campaign. The couple in the photos are from the new commercial. We aired it heavily, but just in case you didn’t recognize them, I had them add the “Watch their story” button beneath the image that will play the 30 second ad in a modal.