As the Content Director at LendingTree I write a little bit of everything--landing pages, commercials, billboards, recruiting ads, etc. I'll ad more samples here as I collect them. 

Sample 1: This is a landing page for the My LendingTree app. Instead of kicking people straight to the download store that corresponds with their device (iOS or Android) from an ad, we decided to try a landing page to explain the app a bit more. We needed to communicate what the app does, and make it clear that it comes at zero cost to the customer. I'm a huge proponent of less is more in blurbs. I have a rule to try to keep them at three lines. I've seen some eye-scan tests that show people tend to read blurbs they perceive as short (so you know, an actual blurb), and they skim over larger ones, reading just the headline. More than three lines, and it becomes a full-on paragraph. Also, designers like when I make the text boxes nice and consistent. Always be nice to your designer.