HughesNet is satellite Internet. In most cases, HughesNet customers have limited options for Internet because of where they live (out in the sticks). It’s either dial-up, satellite, or a Wi-Fi card from a wireless carrier with service in the area.

The customers like where they live and they hate being told they need to move to enjoy the best of the Internet. So the messaging here is all about bringing the Internet to their doorstep. And not just any Internet, but fast, modern Internet. These customers are familiar with long wait times, having to manage their access (because of data caps), and having to sign in to the Internet every time they want to use it. The messaging here hits all those pain points.

In previous iterations we had real-world examples of things they could do with their HughesNet speed that they couldn’t do before--like watch SD quality video or download an MP3 in XX time, but we had to scrub those from the site eventually. Brand guidelines required us to qualify everything with talk about data allotments and adding on optional data with a curiously named “Bonus Bytes” system. It was confusing. So we redesigned the site to feel more modern and open and kept the copy light and the messaging simple.