Geek Squad


I’m not sure the Geek Squad folks like being the Geek Squad folks. They were adamant about staying away from geeky stuff, or referring to their tech experts as geeks. I could have had some fun with that. Oh well.

I needed to minimize the geek stuff while still sounding confident, helpful and approachable. So I eliminated exclamation points (except for is a direct marketing site). Using periods turns salesy pitches into declarations. Apple’s been using the technique for years to great success. It exudes confidence, and confidence is what you want from tech support.

There was a lot of copy to get through and a ton of stuff to explain, and I was instructed to avoid jargon as best I could. So I imagined the product (in this case a tech support service) standing tall with its chest out proud. It confidently walked up to a customer--one of those frazzled folks rambling around a Best Buy--and listed off all the reasons it was great.