Freedom Financial


This was a two-step landing page for Freedom Financial--a debt consolidation service. Before jumping into this project I had to do a lot of research. Freedom Financial customers are customers deep in debt, and they want to do something about it. I talked with the folks at Freedom about what they knew and also interviewed some customers myself. The people using the service were all over the place--from medical students buried in loans, to entrepreneurs in over their head--but the emotions were usually the same: guilt, fear, shame and doubt.

So we used bright icons, solid facts about the company, a happy and confident lifestyle image, and, most importantly, lowered the barrier to entry from the full contact form to just a single choice. You can see what Freedom Financial does, how it can help, and you get a testimonial from a customer. Everything on this page pushes the user to engage.

On the second page, we had to hit them with more fields, so I centered the messaging around encouragement--they’d taken the first step, now just one more to get the ball rolling. In a head-to-head test against a more traditional single-page contact form, this won.