Introducing knowledge boards: curated content for you and your team


Knowledge boards are the best way to curate quality project-relevant content for you and your team. Here’s how they work:

Ted and his team are working on an in-depth whitepaper about self-driving cars. He created a knowledge board for the team titled “Self-Driving Car Research.”

When he sees an article that could be useful, he clicks this button and saves it to his knowledge board.

He can also highlight and annotate useful sections of the article for his team members to see.

Melissa, Ted’s teammate, gets a Slack notification that Ted just added an article to the private team knowledge board.

She reads the article and adds annotations of her own.

On the bus ride home, Melissa sees an article on her iPhone and uses the iOS “save to knowledge board” extension (available for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, iOS and Android) to save it to the team’s board.

At the end of the day, the knowledge board sends out an email with a recap of all stories added within the last 24 hours.

Ted uses the built-in analytics to see the board’s top contributors, and which sources seem to be the most valuable to the team.

Start organizing your stories by projects, industries, clients, or topics right now with knowledge boards.