Introducing knowledge boards: curated content for you and your team


What are knowledge boards?

Think of them like private libraries stocked with the most useful content for you and your team.  Come across a great story that might be helpful? You can save it to a knowledge board for others to discover too. Even better: any annotations or highlights you make to the story are saved and viewable by your team members.

Saving content to a knowledge board just takes a couple clicks. Here’s how it works:

Keep everyone in the loop

A single story can be saved to multiple knowledge boards. They can also be configured to send notifications to Slack every time something is added to the board, and/or send out daily email roundups of stories saved in the last 24 hours. These notifications go out to team members following the board, or to external email addresses. Team knowledge boards are private, and following them is optional for team members.

Track your boards

As your tasks shift, you can use the built-in analytics to find top contributors to your knowledge boards and see some of your most valuable sources. You can easily rearrange board order as priorities shift, effectively archiving older boards that aren’t currently needed.

Find a great story out on the web away from Feedly? Use the ‘save to knowledge board’ extensions (available on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, iOS and Android) to save your stories to your boards.