Remember EarthLink? They were a big dial-up provider in the 90s. They didn’t go away. In fact they added more speeds and services over the years. The challenge with this site was to update and modernize the EarthLink brand while reminding people of its history and diverse portfolio of products.

We wanted to focus on speed to pull people away from the slow dial-up association. And so we did with the mantra: Everything is faster! Speeds are shown all over the place as are slightly rounded up speed increases between technologies (never forget your “up to”). We put rocket icons on the site and used descriptive words like “blazing,” because “blazing” isn’t a quantifiable speed, but it sure sounds fast!

The site even loaded fast. Imagery was kept to a minimum and instead of having a long scroll site (a design style that was starting to get trendy at the time), this site fit all on one screen, no scrolling.