To Infinity and Beyond

Disney Infinity came out last week. For those who aren’t super geeks and/or have children of video game playing age, Disney Infinity is Disney’s video game toy box. It leverages the bazillion or so Disney brands and combines digital play sets with real life figurines for a perfect one-two punch to your wallet. The actual game has had decent reviews. Seems like it could be a great thing for a parent and child to get into together—it promotes creativity, teamwork and has all their favorite characters (for a price).

My son is not even close to being able to play something like this, so I won’t be buying Disney Infinity, but I will be keeping track of it as an art nerd. The coolest thing to me about this game isn’t the swappable figurines or movie mash-up play sets, it’s the art style. Look at this:

Hats off to the artists and designers who worked (and continue to work) on this game. They managed to find a cohesive art style that’s attractive, versatile and scalable (as in, it looks good on an iPad and a Playstation 3). I love it. The kid-friendly angles, bright colors, and squared off characters unify extremely disparate styles from dozens of movies. Jack Sparrow shouldn’t look right standing next to Sully from Monster’s Inc., but he totally fits.

There are dozens of other characters on the way. The Toy Story figures look great (really digging the remodeled Woody), as do the Lone Ranger guys—I’m guessing those were planned before the movie bombed.

Disney owns Marvel and Lucasfilm too. It hasn’t been confirmed, or even hinted at, but I’d love to see folks like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Han Solo and Chewbacca filtered through this art style.