The Geeky Purple One

The Ninja Turtles hold a special place in my heart. I loved them as a kid. The four brothers (I had two myself), the ninja action, the cool 90s slang--a perfect mixture to capture little Austin's attention. These days when I'm bored or just want to mindlessly draw, I often find myself doodling a turtle. 

When I was growing up, I hopped back and forth between loving Leo and Mike. Leo because he seemed like a good leader and I liked how he wanted to support his brothers. Mike because he was silly and could skateboard. But Donatello is the one who had the most impact on me.  

My brothers and I watched TMNT 2 on loop for a full day when it came out on VHS. There's a scene halfway through where Donatello rolls up to a computer and cracks his knuckles. Determined to be like my turtle heroes, I flexed my own knuckles until they popped. I've been cracking my knuckles ever since. So if I get arthritis, I have Donatello to thank. 

Once or twice a week I'm going to try and do some traditional art (this one was done with colored pencils). When it's done, I'll put it up here and if you'd like to own it, you can. This particular image can be yours for just $20. If you live in the US, I'll even mail it to you free of charge. Leave a comment or fill out the contact form if you'd like to buy it--first come, first serve. 

Of course if you want to commission your own custom artwork,  you can do that as well. Contact me and we'll talk specifics. Have a good week!