The Legacy Continues

These days, I often don’t have more than an hour to commit to a game in one sitting. In the rare occasion that I do, I often find myself switching off my computer after an hour anyway. Most games just aren’t worth giving ALL of my free time to. Time to go do something else.

And then there are those special games. Sometimes they are heavily story driven and I want to see what happens next. Sometimes the basic mechanics are so fun I just want to keep messing with them. A couple times a year a game comes along that I can’t stop playing. A game that I think about whenever I’m not playing it. Rogue Legacy is one of those games.

I mentioned it a bit earlier this week, but since it’s what has dominated most of my free time since then, I figured I’d talk about it again. It’s like the perfect blend of gaming elements for me.

Every run is different, like all the endless running games I play on my phone, but there’s way more depth than any of those.
It can be brutally difficult and unforgiving, like the games of my youth (with the visuals to match).
There’s progression directly linked to your performance—live longer, get more gold, buy more stuff for the next generation.
The writing is charmingly silly.
The thrill of an amazing run is always right around the corner, pressing you on to play just one more round when you fall short.

A run can take 30 seconds or 30 minutes, depending on your skills and how you handle all the random factors the game throws at you each round—character traits, castle layout, enemy placement, and more. It’s been months since a game grabbed me like this. So if my recommendation on Tuesday wasn’t enough, let me reiterate – buy this game!