The Right Kind of Dumb: Thoughts on Injustice

I don’t buy fighting games often, but I had such a great time renting the last Mortal Kombat and I like superheroes, so I bought Injustice. I have no regrets. It’s an awesome game with a solid fighting system, layered with over-the-top costumes and storylines. Playing it makes me feel like I’m watching Doctor Who. It’s so dumb at times that it’s kind of the best thing ever. Here are some more thoughts on the game:

-It looks amazing. The characters are huge, pack a punch, and the stages break apart real good.


-When all the heroes are gathered together in their ridiculously over-designed padded “armor” costumes, calling each other by name, (“Hello Aquaman”) you can’t help but chuckle. Forget the “realism” of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, or that fact that most of the costumes in the game look to be made of plausible materials. This is straight up Saturday morning, yo-we-got-a-base-on-the-moon comic book goofery. I love it.

-Kryptonian nano technology pills. They make ya strong!

-Evil Superman is awful. Just awful. From his evil motivations, to his stupid evil shoulder-padded costume. Even his thin dumb-looking face. Awful.

-Predictably, the Joker has some of the best lines in the game. He’s fun to play as--his move set and animations are superb. However, his treatment of Harley is more abusive than I’ve ever seen it, which kinda makes me uncomfortable, but I guess it serves to remind you that despite his popularity, he IS a villain.

-Green Arrow has a few good moments too.

-Wonder Woman has GIGANTIC boobs. All of the women do, but hers are all up in your face, and especially cartoonish because she seems to always be arching her back to present them. The only sensibly dressed female is Catwoman, which must have happened by accident. If you unlock the concept art for the female characters you’ll see that they briefly flirted with making every single one of them fight in as little clothing as possible. Ugh…video games.


-Lex Luthor looks like Bruce Willis.

-Pounding out combos feels good. Most fighters have a few in common, but they all look different. I love the random weapon flourishes—Joker pulling out a crowbar or shoe blade, Deathstroke brandishing a random pistol, etc.

-Ares? As in “the god of war,” from Greek mythology? What’s he doing in this game? Comic books! (The answer is always comic books)

-The quick time events in the story are silly and make it seem like these “meta humans” have sub-human intelligence.

-The fighting system is solid. It’s deep for those who want to dig in, but broad enough for button mashers to have a good time. I’ve always been a mid-tier fighting game player. I like to get to know the intermediate strategies, but don’t care to count frames and compete online. Injustice is a fantastic fighter for players like me.

-Jennifer Hale as Hawk Girl

-Knocking someone to the bottom floor of the bat cave, then knocking them back up to the top through the elevator never gets old.


-From his gee-golly combed hair to his stupid unimaginative use of his ring, everything about Green Lantern makes me want to punch him.

-Aquaman is actually kind of cool. He gets real stabby with his trident, and his special move involves a shark.

-There are a ton of things to do outside of the story mode. I’m predominantly a single player kind of guy, so the added replay value is nice. That said, I will be bringing this into work to play at lunch with coworkers. The accessible gameplay is great for non-gamers.

Bottom line: Did you enjoy the last Mortal Kombat at all? You should play Injustice. It’s a good time.