Lyrical memories

I'm closing out 2013 with some house cleaning. We're trying to declutter and efficiently use space so we don't feel crowded when our next kid comes in the spring. Today, while moving a box full of albums, pictures and random items of Austin and Brooke Light memorabilia, I found two of my old rap notebooks.


Yep, rap notebooks. I used to rap a lot. Or at least, write a lot of raps. I couldn't finish a single page without cringing. It's all pretty awful stuff, but it was fun to read to see what was going on in my life and how I was internalizing events like moving to a new high school, getting a girlfriend, applying for college and more (all through sick metaphors and hot rhymes of course). I think I must have known most of it was crap, because in 1999, at the age of 16, I wrote this gem:

In my notebook I can be who I want to be/ In my notebook things come easily/ In my notebook everything seems clearer to me/ In my notebook I can kick it philosophically/ In my notebook it's like a shopping spree for my mind/ peruse my rhymes and find a use for my next line/ next time I'll use a different beat, a different rhythm/ I'll use the talent I was given/ to have a good time even if no one sees it/ cuz it's  my notebook, I'm the only one who reads it

Indeed, past Austin, you are the only who would read that. Back into the box these notebooks go.