Introducing Super Art Friends

The other week my pal Casey (who I attended college with) asked if I'd be down with being a sort of critique partner for his art. He cited a Scott Kurtz article I actually tweeted weeks prior about the importance of peer evaluation. I was more than happy to take a look, but only if he would do the same for me. And so Super Art Friends was born. 

Instead of sending pics and feedback back and forth over email, I thought it might be fun to do it all online. That way we have a record of our progress and an open forum for constructive feedback. We've already posted a few pics, so check it out. 

Casey is working on refining his style and characters for his web comic Nerd Mantis. Me? I'm working on all kinds of stuff, experimenting with new brushes and styles, trying to get better at dynamic poses, grinding the fundamentals of perspective and more. 

Feedback on the blog is welcome, as are new members. If you'd like to be a Super Art Friend, just contact me here or through the Wordpress site. We're pretty fast and loose with things right now, but in the future we might nail down more of a schedule, like turn in art for critique on the 15th and 30th or something. I'm also interested in doing theme months. Maybe something like, "let's work on foreshortening this week with Nintendo themed art." Sounds fun right?

Super Art Friends Activate!