Feeling lucky in 2013

Happy New Year! The Mayans were wrong and we’re all still alive. That means we can start plotting out our goals for 2013. I make goals instead of resolutions. Goals are things you strive for, resolutions imply changing current behavior. Semantics? Maybe, but I hit goals. I don’t always keep resolutions. So before we get into the current year, let’s check out the goals I hit in 2012.

-Finish and revise my second book
Done and done.
-Get an agent (for real this time)
Nope. So close! Fewer rejections than I got last year, and I still have full manuscripts out to several agents.
-Hit my illustration goals (this one is multifaceted, so I’m leaving it at that)
Yep. Still growing and learning here.
-Run at least one half marathon
I did and it was terrible! Worst weather for a run, ever! Almost made me swear of running. Almost.
-Get a new dog
His name is Koopa.
-Get a new car
I got two! One for my wife, and after an unfortunate accident, one for me!
Did a little bit of this. Hoping to do more in 2013.


Not bad at all. That’s a 90 percent accomplishment rate! Now, on to the 2013 goals:

-Finish and revise my third book
-Get an agent (for really real this time, I mean it)
-Create illustration tear sheets and send them out
-Run at least one half marathon
-Put up a fence in the back yard
-Volunteer more
-New art every week for the year (more on this in another blog)

I think seven goals is a fair number. That get an agent goal has been there since 2011, let’s hope I can cross it off this year. I love the first week of the year because there’s a hopeful optimism in the air everywhere you go. The trick is to grab onto while it’s here and use it to fuel work on one of your yearly goals right now. Good luck!