The girl in the forest

A friend of mine had a daughter a few months ago and asked me to draw a picture of her walking through an enchanted forest. I finally got the chance to make it happen this week. Here's how it turned out:

Below you'll find an animated GIF I made of the different stages. First the sketch, then the lines, then flat colors, then the first rendering pass, and then the final pass. Between the first and final rendering pass I softened, and in some cases eliminated, the black lines (replacing them with another color). I also added another layer of trees in the back, brought in some more texture and cranked up that enchanted light. 


This pic was a lot of fun to draw. I feel like it's been too long since I just lost myself in a picture. Instead of playing Borderlands 2 or finally watching The Avengers (which I bought, so I have no excuse now), I found myself wanting to work on this image instead. That creative pull is undeniable. It was just what I needed to fill the lull after finishing my second novel. Now, back to Borderlands 2!