Assessing the Situation

I started this Portal picture a while ago, but didn’t post the finished product until this weekend. I’ve been preoccupied with some fairly huge life changes the past couple months. I think things will start settling down as we work our way toward fall. I should be returning to my three-post-a-week schedule soon. If you'd like more frequent updates from me, you can follow me on Twitter.

I’m thinking about doing a new art challenge in September or October. Probably not something as big as the doodle-a-day project from last August. Maybe a picture a weekend, each one a different theme or style? We’ll see. I’ll noodle around on the specifics some more. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Moving on: My son is almost 11 months old now. He likes to do stuff like this:

Those are my DVDs and most of my games. As I was cleaning them up the other day while he was napping (throwing DVDs is exhausting for a baby), I started wondering why I had them all. I’ve never been a collector of anything. I hold on to games for three reasons:

  • I really love it and I’ll play it again (just played some Uncharted 2 yesterday)
  • I enjoyed my time with it, and I might purchase some DLC for the game in the future (like Borderlands, Arkham City or Rock Band 3)
  • It’s got some hook in me--sentimental value, part of a series, a landmark moment in gaming, etc. (Prince of Persia, Mass Effect, LA Noire, and so on)

My collection includes stuff like Portal 2, Resident Evil 4 (the Wii version), Mass Effect 1-3, Saints Row 3, and of course Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (aka modern gaming perfection). If a game doesn’t fit into one of the categories above, I’m fine with renting it, buying it and then selling it back to Gamestop, or waiting for a Steam sale.

I have a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, 3DS, PSP and gaming PC. If I didn’t have those rules, I’d have way too many games sitting around.

So what about my DVDs? I haven’t purchased a DVD in years. I’ve bought a few Blu-Rays, but only to complete sets, like Harry Potter or Twilight (for my wife). Am I going to watch Pretty Woman again? What about Fun With Dick and Jane? No and no. The majority of my collection is stuff I know I’ll never watch again. Why would I rewatch the first five seasons of Scrubs when I’m behind on the current season of Breaking Bad?

There are a few keepers. I have the Blu-Ray collection of Life--the proper version, narrated by David Attenborough. That’s something I’ll keep for my son. Same goes for the Harry Potter movies and all the Pixar and classic Disney stuff I have. Then there are movies like Elf and Love Actually that we watch every year sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think all that makes up maybe 15 percent of my collection. Aside from a few sentimental outliers--O Brother Where Art Thou? and Spider-Man 2--I could do without the rest.

So how do I get rid of them? Should I just donate them to Goodwill? Should I go through the trouble of getting a media hard drive and ripping them first? DVDs are so cheap these days that I’m not sure ripping Pirates of the Caribbean and Saving Silverman is worth my time. I feel like most of the movies I own are movies that would appear on TBS on a Sunday afternoon or on Netflix or Amazon Instant anyway. In other words, if I really want to get to Dumb and Dumber again, it’s not going to be hard, or expensive.

A hard drive doesn’t take up near as much space as 30 DVDs. Maybe I’ll rip them and just keep them as teaching tools for my son. He started putting some of them back in the drawers the other day. The next step is teaching him not to step on, chew on, or throw anything in a DVD-like case. If anyone has a good media solution, please let me know here or on my GiantBomb blog. Thanks!