A Softer Side: John McClane

Had to get this one done before E3 started and all my outside work time is spent reading about video games! This image was one of the first to pop in my mind when I started this series. I love the Die Hard movies, but I think the third one is my favorite. Normally I'd be annoyed by a character like the one Sam Jackson plays in that movie--constantly yelling and griping about every plot turn--but I love him. I guess Bruce Willis gets paired with those type of characters a lot. He needs a mouthy sidekick to contrast with his no-nonsense bad ass protagonists. Sam Jackson definitely did a better job of that than Chris Tucker in Fifth Element. Anyway, here's the pic and video, hope you like it!

Oh yeah, I put together a Softer Side page on my website. Now you can see all the pictures and videos on one page! Hooray! Previous pics include Wolverine, Kratos and Mace Windu. I'll probably do one or two more before I close out the series.