Please let this be real

I came across the video today and must have watched it a dozen times. It’s funny, inspiring, incredible, and hopefully, real. Check it out:


Because the internet is the internet, you can’t find a video of this guy without someone calling fake in the comments. It makes me sad that we’re all so jaded, but stuff is so easy to fake these days that it’s hard not to roll your eyes and brush this off as a viral marketing video.

I don’t want it to be a hoax though. It’s too awesome. Also, after researching this guy and pouring over his website, it seems like he’s done a lot of work. If it’s all fake, he’s put in a lot of time to make it look convincing.

His early test video of the motors that make his wings flap—cobbled together with Wii remotes and Android phones—were featured on Engadget months ago.

The wingspan math was examined by a Wired blogger back in January after his first test flight and deemed plausible.

Then today, Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters (and!) fame weighed in. He also seemed to think it was plausible. 

The website is filled with blog posts that go into detail about his creation.

I want this to be real. Yes being able to one day flap off to work would be cool, but for me the exciting part is just watching it happen. The bootstrapping, DIY spirit of this thing is what makes it so endearing. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a marketing campaign for Honda or HTC phones or Southwest Airlines. That would be lame. Please, magical flying contraption inventor man, prove the internet wrong.