Great news and a good recommendation

Great news: I made it to the final round of the Hook Line and Sinker contest! Whoo! You can ready my entry here, but you can’t comment right now. A group of 12 agents will be checking out all the entries and only they can comment for the next few days. Here’s hoping I get some requests. Super excited to have made it to round three.

Now since it’s Monday and I’m trying to stick to my new posting schedule, I’ve got a great game recommendation. Check out Rayman Jungle Run on Android or iOS. I picked I up on Friday and it’s fantastic. It’s another endless runner game—that popular, borderline cliché phone game genre—but with a few key differences.


First unlike most endless runners, there are levels. This isn’t a game like Jetpack Joyride that has you running the same course over and over in search of a high score. Each world is split into stages and each stage has 100 collectible firefly thingies. You just need to get to the end to move on, but collecting all 100 unlocks additional levels, plus it’s just more challenging.

Second, there are no micro transactions, which usually plague endless runners. It’s extremely refreshing to buy a game and have it all. No grinding, no weird in-game currency. Pay $2.99 for the whole game. It’s really a shame how that seems to be the exception. Even great games like Mass Effect Infiltrator and The Dark Knight Rises (okay, that one isn’t exactly great) hit you with micro transactions, despite carrying an initial cost of $6.99. Good on Ubisoft for giving us a full game at a reasonable price.

Finally, the art is incredible. It looks just as good as last year’s Rayman Origins on consoles. The lush hand drawn backgrounds are gorgeous. I plugged it into my TV with an HDMI out cable this weekend and it looked great. Since you play the game with essentially one button, there’s no need to look down. My wife came in wile I was playing, watched for a bit, and then looked at my hands and said, “Wait, that’s coming from your phone?”

I then proceeded to geek out about the visuals and art style. She proceeded to do that wife head nod that says, “You’re such a goober.” Rayman Origins is available for just $2.99. Each level can be completed in one to two minutes Check it out, it’s a great game to play on the go.