A quick programming announcement

Every now and then I come back to the idea of making my blog about something other than my random interests. Like maybe I should zero in on something and be a useful resource to people. You know, instead of just taking up space on the internet.

Because I know how to do that. Like, SEO stuff? I know that junk. I know how to play the trends and pull people in to a site. How to work keywords and links and all those things that gross ‘social media strategists’ talk mysteriously about to poor small business owners that don’t know any better. If I wanted to, I could turn it on man, get the people coming, get some affiliate links up in here. 

But does the internet need another late 20s bearded white dude spitting out snarky commentary on what’s trending? Nope! Bearded white dudes are to the Internet like flies are to turds—we’re all up in that shit.

So maybe I’ll keep this thing about my general geekery. I’ve tried segregating my interests to specific posting days, and I think I’m going to return to that—just to give you, dear reader, something to depend on.

Based on my most popular searches, I’ve decided to keep it to the following categories:

Video GamesThis post sees a lot of traffic, I guess I wasn’t the only one who noticed, and hated Desmond’s face change.

Art – The chronicles of my progress through my Schoolism class back in 2009 seems to be useful to a lot of folks. Same goes for this relatively new tutorial.

Writing – My building a story breakdown is another barnburner according to my site stats.

Look at that, I’ve written myself into being about something! Sort of. The categories above will show up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays respectively. My video game posts will be re-posted to the Giant Bomb forums. Discussion there is always lively, so feel free to head over and join in.

I might also be futzing with the design of my site some more. It’s closer to what I want, but SquareSpace 6 still has some quirks that I’m toying with.

That’s all for now. It’s Wednesday, so here’s a piece of art I posted last night. I’m concepting the Middle Age Mutant Ninja Turtles just for fun. This is a sketch of Raphael, who’s taken a dark turn and would serve as the villain. I’ve got a bunch of freelance artwork to do, but I hope to have more full pictures and sketches of the turtles next week (here’s a rough one of Mikey, who lives in Hawaii).