The Imagination Enhancer - Available Wednesday!

Back in November when my brother and his wife and son were here to visit the baby I had him try out the demo for the Seasame Street game. My brother, being the wise father of a two year old, decided to give the demo a run-through after his son went to bed. 

They did not play it the next night.

The Kinect is a very cool piece of technology with some very real and very obvious limitations. The Seasame Street game gets around the "can't detect tiny hyper children" part by recognizing the adult as the player. The child can simply jump around and as long as the adult does the motions, the game progresses. It's a good idea, but it's not exaclty fun for the adult.

Double Fine, the developer behind the Seasame Street game (quick note for those that aren't into games, Double Fine doesn't usually make kids games, they make awesome games packed with humor and style) is about to release another Kinect game, one that celebrates the hardware's shortcomings.  It's called Happy Action Theater, and it's not so much a game as it is an imagination enhancer. 

Check out the Quick Look below featuring some of the Double Fine guys. Before I was a dad I would have just seen a bunch of dudes in their 30s doing ridiculous things and laughed, but now I see it and I think, "Man, if only my son could play this with me...but he just now learned how to roll over." So, consider this a public service announcement: If you have an Xbox 360, a Kinect and kids old enough to play something like this, you should get it, soon. Happy Action Theater comes out February 1 and it's just $10.