I sat down to doodle today and Sherlock Holmes came out.

I haven't seen the new Sherlock Holmes movie, but I've been listening to the soundtrack on Spotify (I listen to a lot of wordless music and soundtracks while I write at work). I like the wiry dissonance that traipses through each track. It's perfect for Holmes.

I wouldn't call myself a Holmes super fan or anything, but I've read almost all of the old stories, and they're mostly great. It's hard not to be in awe of what Arthur Conan Doyle came up with--that deductive reasoning Holmes does is legit. 

While I do love the new Robert Downey Jr movies, the best Holmes adaptation is the modern one written by Steven Moffat, simply called Sherlock. If you haven't seen this mini-series (three 90 minute episodes), stop reading, go to Netflix and watch them all. They're absolutely brilliant. If Holmes existed in 2010, he would be exactly as he is in that series. The spirit of the character is spot on, and the relationship between him and Watson has just the right amount of tension and camaraderie. I'm anxiously awaiting the next "season" this winter. 

Despite that being my favorite Holmes, I went with the classic one in this sketch, it just felt right. I might turn this doodle into a full picture down the road, but for now, it was just fun to relax, let my mind wander, and sketch, hope you like it.