Doodle-A-Day Week One Recap

We're on to the second week of my month-long Doodle-A-Day project. It's been a ton of fun. If you haven't had a chance to check ou the gallery, you can find it here.

-To kick things off on August 1 I went with Bacchus2's request for a Heman vs Wolverine scene.

-On August 2 I fleshed out a concept for a book/comic idea I have about cowboy wizards.

-The August 3 drawing involved some famous gaming robots.

-One of my favorite childhood books made an appearance on August 4.

-The following day on August 5 I honored Shark Week with SPACE SHARK!

-I finished the week with a request from Brooke on August 6. She wanted to see what it would have been like if the girl really did get a hippotamus for Christmas.

I started with a different doodle on August 7, but then I found out the shirt.woot derby had a retro game theme and I couldn't pass it up. Here's my entry for the Everyday 8-bit derby. I'd appreciate the vote if you're a woot member.

Remember, if you have a request for the Doodle-A-Day project, leave a comment here, fill out my contact form on my site, or just send me a shout out on twitter @austindlight