A few weeks ago I purchased Just Cause 2 for $4.99 during a Steam sale. I installed it last weekend and I've found it to be wonderful mindless fun. After my foray into mod installations in Dragon Age and Crysis, I thought I'd see what was available for Just Cause 2. Most of the stuff was fairly game breaking, and since I still wanted a bit of a challenge I stuck to just unlimited ammo. Then I went after the player skins. I found this really cool Punisher skin that looked quite impressive (pictured below), the original modder went as far as replacing the face of Rico with the face of the Punisher from the Punisher PC game. The only problem was the skull symbol. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of The Punisher knows the skull is on his chest, not his back.

So I did some googling and found a Photoshop plugin that let me open .dds files (which are what the clothing files in the game's directory are saved as--they look like this). I opened them up and started fooling around, and with a bit of digital painting work got the skull off his back and on to his chest! Cool!

I know, it's not that impressive, but a lot of people were griping about it on the forum that I found the original skin and instead of complaining, I thought I might see if I could do something about it. I work in Photoshop all the time, so it was just kind of neat to use it to change the way a video game looks. I messed around a bunch more but couldn't seem to fill in that gap on his bulletproof vest with white. That's okay though, at least the skull is on the correct side!

Right now I'm going to keep working on my Doodle-A-Day project, but this opens up all kinds of possibilities for future modding.