Doodle-A-Day August Complete

The final picture is a farewell from the Doctor. 

I learned a lot from this project, and I'm proud of myself for actually sitting down and drawing for at least 45 minutes for 31 days straight. I stretched myself and tried to do things I wouldn't normally do, including weird poses, sketching in pen, and drawing coworkers. Plus I got some cool art out of it. If I do this again--and I'm sure I will--I think I'll try to focus it a bit more. Maybe one week will be on shapes defining characters, and then another week will be all about crazy perspectives, and yet another all about caricatures. 

Check out the full gallery here. In the next few weeks before my son is born I'll try to take a few of the doodles and turn them into full digital paintings. Thanks to everyone that made suggestions and linked to my art over the last month, it's been fun!