A Portal fan movie made from awesomeness

The thing I like most about Valve games is the fans. They love those games, and they show their love by making awesome stuff. Half-Life 2 has some super impressive fan films set in the Half-Life world. Now Portal has a fan film of its own, and it's all kinds of amazing. Actually, "fan film" is probably a poor description. When I think of fan films I think of the crappy Godzilla movies my brothers and I made when we were kids. This is a high quality short film with excellent effects. It sets a slightly different tone than the games, mainly because there's no antagonistic robot voice poking fun at the main character. But it still has that ominous "we're up to no good" vibe that Aperture Science is known for. I'd love to see these folks film another short, maybe add a bit of Glados.

As a bonus, here's a completely different fan made music video for the excellent final song in Portal 2. Unlike the short above, this video captures the more playful side of the Portal universe. Got any fan films you love? Share em!