Doodle-A-Day Week Two Recap

During week two of my month-long Doodle-A-Day project I sketched a few friends and coworkers, took on a video game beast, and finished with a character from a book I couldn't put down. If you haven't had a chance to check ou the gallery, you can find it here.

August 8  - I started the week with a doodle request from Maghan Cook (@maghanc). It's her as the villainous Mega Malaria. An evil sorceress that has the power to strike any unlucky coworker with malaria.

August 9 - Detective McBadass has it all: eye patch, mustache, chest hair, big gun and a take-no-prisoners attitude. Just don't make fun of how small his badge is, he hates that.

August 10 - I'm not sure if Blanka from Street Fighter ate the snakes that appeared on the trees in his stage, but he did in my picture.

August 11 - Charlotte's own Mike Rice (@MichaelRRice) asked if I'd illustrate Charlotte's own Mike Rice. He had oddly specific instructions: "I want to be in a toga, on a horse, throwing up a number one with a triumphant smirk on my face."

August 12 - My friend from college is living in a van with a cat. She asked if I'd draw a picture of it, so I did. She wrote about it here. Also, she's a mega talented photographer, so check out some of her stuff here.

August 13 - I saw a commercial for that new Mad Men-like show, Pan Am, and thought it would be fun to sketch a sassy 1960's flight attendant.

August 14 - Sometimes I like to search YouTube for random instruments and find people playing cool songs. I was listening to some stuff I found after searching "mandolin" and thought it would be fun to sketch everyone's favorite lute player, Kvothe, from "The Name of the Wind".

Remember, if you have a request for the Doodle-A-Day project, leave a comment here, fill out my contact form on my site, or just send me a shout out on twitter @austindlight