Wild Ride

I've got about eight and a half weeks before my son is born and his room still needs some more decoration. We have this weird frog hanger that holds diapers and another weird frog light, both from Ikea (apparently home to weird frog things). So I figured for art I could go the amphibian route and tie in some of the other colors in the room. I batted around a bunch of ideas before settling on Mr. Toad and his wild ride. This is my spin on it, sort of inspired by Mario Kart I guess. My wife suggested I turn it into a series and do other pictures that incorporate some of the other animals seen in The Wind and the Willows.

This picture was fun to draw--it's been months since I've been able to just zone out and draw. When I finished it I turned off the line layers and it almost looked like a storybook painting instead of a cartoon frame (if you don't speak Photoshop, imagine removing all the dark lines). With some extra work I think I could go for that storybook look. It would definitely be challenging, but I think I might give it a shot. I'll post it here if I do. This was a great warm up for Doodle-a-Day August. Don't forget to submit your requests/suggestions for a doodle this month!