Submit your themes, suggestions for Doodle a Day August!

If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time you know I like to doodle. I’m about to wrap up the second revision of my novel, so I’ll have some extra creative time in August to finally work through some of the art books I got for my birthday. To keep my drawing mind sharp, I decided to do a Doodle a Day gallery on my website. I’ll make a new doodle every day for the month of August and post it there. This week I’m taking ideas for doodles for next month. So if you have a theme, a topic, a specific character, or scene you want to see, let me know. Each doodle will be pencil on paper (I’ll make sure it’s not on lined paper!), or on my graphic tablet—which is more likely on the weekends. Here are a couple quick doodles I did at the end of last week.

Submit your theme, subject or topic suggestion in the comments here or on my GameSpot blog. If I do one you suggested, I’ll make sure to send you a message when it gets posted. Thanks!