Geeks are awesome

Daniel Radcliffe was on The Daily Show last night and they showed him some footage of real adults playing Quidditch. Though they laughed about the ridiculousness of it, Radcliffe made a quick statement about how he respects people that earnestly like things. He said he has no time for people that pretend to hate the things they love. And that’s why it’s great to be a geek.

Geeks get to like things, for real. There’s nothing that annoys me more than teenagers and young twenty-somethings that can’t admit they like something. They have to ironically like stuff, or worse, pretend the stuff they love is stupid. Why? Is it not cool to earnestly care? It’s like they’re afraid to fully commit to publically loving something because they’re afraid of the label that might be slapped on them by their peers. Give me a break, you’re too young to be jaded!

Even if I don’t understand the passion, I’m always happy to talk to a geeky person that genuinely loves something—yes, even if it’s sports. Geeks love the things they love, and they’ll gladly tell anyone about it. For example, I love video games, chip tunes, Harry Potter, drawing silly pictures, I love a good number of Lady Gaga’s songs, I love technology, and I love Juicy Juice Fruit Punch.

What do you love?