Heroes Con

This weekend I took a break from the non-stop new house painting to swing by Heroes Con. For those that don't know, Heroes Con is a big convention put on by Heroes Aren't Hard to Find. It's the closet thing the south gets to Comic Con, and it happens every summer here in Charlotte. I like comics and superheroes as much as the next geek, but I'm don't subscribe to any. I prefer to pick up collections or books later on down the line so I can read whole story arcs in one go. But comics aren't why I went.

I went to see Creature Box. Creature Box is Dave Guertin and Greg Baldwin, two awesome artists that also happen to work for awesome gave developer Insomniac. These guys are the artists behind Ratchet & Clank, among other things, and I absolutely love their artistic style. I've never been to a Con before, and I did have A LOT of painting to get done in the new house, but I couldn't resist going Uptown to see these guys.

They were both super nice and I'm hoping I didn't embarrass myself too much. We talked about the games they work on (I got a "no comment" when I asked about Insomniacs multiplatform title), having kids (got some tips from Greg about the ninth month of pregnancy) and art. I wanted them to sign a couple of games, but I already packed my games away for the move and I couldn't find which box I put my Ratchet & Clank games in. I did buy the two prints below.

I wanted to stuff by both of them (those were both done by Greg), but by the time I'd paid for parking and my day pass to the Con, I only had enough money to get these two. I got these pictures because I like them (duh), but also because they'll serve as great inspiration to have in my home office. The first one reminds me to think outside the box and be colorful, while the second reminds me how much character you can pack into a very simple design.

Just around the corner from Creature Box was Skottie Young. I didn't get a chance to talk with him, but he's another artist I stalk regularly. His daily sketches at SkottieScott are fantastic. I would have loved to commission something from him at the Con, but like I said, I was out of cash.

I was there just a couple of hours, and I wish I could have stayed longer. This was my first Con and it was fun to walk around a convention center full of nerds (some in costume). Next year is the 30th anniversary of Heroes Con, so I think I might go to that and attend some panels. Oh and I'll bring more money.