Play This, Not That: Sonic Edition

New blog feature! I love getting my “Eat This, Not That” emails. It’s a helpful little reminder to seek out quality food and ditch the bad stuff. So I’m going to apply that to games, so you don’t have to waste your time with junk. For the first Play This, Not That I’m going with a promising game that’s not even out yet.

Let’s get this out of the way: Sonic games are bad. Anything past Sonic 3 (arguably where the decline started) that had Sonic in it was terrible, except for the Gameboy and DS Sonic Rush games. I know there’s a whole new generation that only knows Sonic in 3D and they love Sonic in 3D, but they are wrong. That’s right, I said it. You, guy that likes Sonic Adventure 2, your taste in games sucks.

Play This: Sonic Generations Demo

This game is basically a prettier Sonic 2. The jumping and physics are perfectly recreated and it even lets you play as the stumpy old Sonic, before he got all edgy and grew out his hair and started kissing humans. There’s a 3D component to the game too, but you can’t play it in the demo, and why would you want to? Remember, 3D Sonic is bad, very bad. I still think there are better things to be done with the Sonic name (besides killing it), this is just the best of a bad situation. This is like if you must eat a cheeseburger, you should get one on a wheat bun, with low-fat cheese and extra veggies. Sonic Generations is Sonic when he was good. If this works out for Sega, I’d like to see them expand on it and make some improvements to the formula. Real improvements, not extra characters named Whatever the Animal. 

*Side note: The demo is timed and only available for a month or so. Grab it now if you want to try it out. I noticed a couple of unresponsive control bugs, but this game doesn’t come out for several more months, so I’m hoping to see those resolved.

Not That: Sonic 4

Sega seems to know that 3D Sonic is no good, so they went back to the drawing board with Sonic 4, which was supposed to be a return to Sonic’s side scrolling roots. It wasn’t good. The animation was sloppy, the physics were off and it starred the newer Sonic with the preposterous dread locks. Split into episodes, Sonic 4 didn’t offer much bang for your buck (I’m not sure if they even released the final episode). It’s better than most 3D Sonic games, but that’s not saying much. If you want an old school Sonic with new school looks, play the Sonic Generations demo a few times.