Is it okay to laugh at this kid? Because I did

Is it okay to laugh at this kid? Because I did. I laughed a lot.


I’m so thankful the Internet wasn’t around when I was a kid. I made some really stupid videos with my brothers and friends: Godzilla movies that utilized Godzilla toys and cardboard towns with quick cuts to real people. Epic Star Wars lightsaber fights that were practiced for hours before filming because we couldn’t edit anything once it was shot. Wrestling videos of us recreating moves we saw on TV on our giant trampoline in the back yard.

I can’t remember who he was talking with (maybe Andy Samberg), but Chris Hardwick had a guest on the Nerdist recently and they got to the topic of Rebecca Black’s awful video. They talked about how soul crushing YouTube comments can be. People can hide behind the anonymity of the Internet and tear you down because your amateur video is not good enough. But that stuff is supposed to be bad! You make those videos as a kid and show them to your friends and family, everyone claps, and then they disappear. Kids these days put their stuff on YouTube and it gets ripped to pieces by classmates, friends, complete strangers. That’s rough.

Of course the video above looks like it was shot in the late 80s or early 90s, which means this kid is a grown man now. I might not be so quick to laugh if this was shot yesterday. Hopefully he’s looking back and laughing at himself—I’m sure the video is making the rounds at his office too, wherever he is.