Dad Sketches?

Today is my last day in Kansas City. It's been a relaxing vacation, but I'm really excited to get back home. This might be the first vacation where I'm not dreading the end--I have a new house waiting for me to move in to back in Charlotte. We closed on it on Tuesday and had enough time to go lay on the floor and dance around the kitchen before we flew to KC. We've got a wedding to attend today, and then we're flying back tomorrow. My blogging haitus will continue for another week or so as most of my free time will be swallowed up by painting and packing, but I'll pop in when I can. 

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are a couple of sketches I did yesterday at the wedding rehearsal (I'm not in the wedding, but my wife is). I've been thinking about fatherhood a lot lately, so I guess that's the theme of these sketches? Don't forget my commission page is up and I'm open for business. So check it out if you want to request some work. Later!