Tire Swing, and other things

I finished another picture for my son this weekend. This one isn’t as loose as the first one, and I’m not sure which one I like more. I might go back and add some more sketch lines and texture later.


I also consumed a ton of media. Here’s a few thoughts on what I watched, played and read.


-Friday night I watched Salt, the Angelina Jolie, Jason Bourne-like movie. It was all right. I like that for much of the movie it seems as if it’s just a film about bad guys winning. Having a female lead is probably what helped set it apart (I remember reading the role of Salt was originally written for a man). I’d probably watch a sequel if they make one.

-I finished the first season of Dr. Who while working on the picture above. I don’t know what keeps propelling me through each episode. Curiosity I guess. It’s just weird because I’ve ditched shows for smaller offenses than what I see in Dr. Who. The rules of the Who universe are so vague. Every time it looks like they’re doomed something weird happens—“I got it! I’ll look into the soul of the TARDIS and gain inexplicable magical powers!” What? It reminds me of the campy old Batman show where Batman would manage to pull out an “anti-something” spray at the last moment. I can’t stop watching though. There’s just something fun about the Doctor.


-After checking out the excellent demo I immediately picked up Outland on XBLA. It’s a terrific platformer with a Limbo meets Tron visual style. The game has tight controls, fantastic level design, exhilarating boss fights, and some devilish platforming. It’s only $10, so check it out. I had to peel myself away from it on Sunday; it’s a tough one to stop playing.


-I was talking about heroes with a fellow writer at work and I told him I liked the idea of Batman being a bit cracked in the head. He asked if I’d read The Dark Knight Returns and I said no. He said I’d like it and let me borrow it. He was right, I loved it—Batman is off his rocker in that book! It was a dark story, very much a product of the 80s, but I really liked it. I always thought Batman was crazy, because his two personalities just don’t mesh. Philanthropic billionaire Bruce Wayne is also the Batman, a dangerous almost mythical crime fighter with a practically religious moral code? That doesn’t seem right to me. His penchant for fear-based fighting, his rigorous training, his warped view of justice, it’s all a little off. I like that.

I watched, played, read and drew a lot this weekend. What did you do?