Link gets Magical

I posted about my evil/mage Link several weeks ago, and I just now got a chance to come back to it. After playing with a number of possibilities, I decided to scrap them all and go for a new pose. This Link isn't exactly evil, but I feel like if there was going to be a evil Link, he'd be some sort of wizard. I actually did two versions of the character. The first I did in my usual style with a black cartoon-like outline (click the link for that Link, haha). Then when I was done I turned the outline off and I really liked the look of it. So I cleaned it up and decided to post both. This Link is based of the Wind Waker Link, and if you look at pictures of that Link, he looks like my no-line version in game, while promotional and box art pictures have him with a heavy line.

This picture was a long overdue freebie for Bozanimal. If you like it, feel free to order one for yourself. My commission page is now up. Read it, check out the prices and send in your requests.