Mass Effect 3: The Perfect Balance

I know Bioware burned a lot of people with Dragon Age 2, but I’m still excited about the next entry in the Mass Effect series. After the news that got out today (which I read on VG247), I think even the Bioware haters will rejoice.

Mass Effect 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, and I sunk more than 80 hours into it over the course of four and a half months. As much as I loved it, there were some shortcomings. First in their effort to streamline the tedious inventory management of the first game, I think they streamlined too much. I don’t want to sift through tons of menus, but I do like collecting loot. It looks like Mass Effect 3 will fix that:

The weapons in the game will be based on ME2, but will include mods, which will enable you to swap out gun parts, such as barrels, and scopes.

Another problem some people had was with the smaller skill trees. I didn’t mind the streamlining here, but it looks like Bioware is going to beef up this aspect of the game too.

While the game won’t be reverting to the Mass Effect 1 standard, RPG elements will be beefed up for ME3. More freedom will be given to character skills, skill trees will be bigger and your powers will evolve several times instead of just once.

A big problem for some was the lack of interaction with Mass Effect 1 characters. Apparently we’ll see more characters from previous games return in the third game, some of which will be party members.

Squadmates confirmed for the game include Garrus, Liara and, depending on a choice made in Mass Effect 1, Kaiden or Ashley, with Wrex, Mordin, Legion and Anderson to also appear as non-party members – that’s assuming everyone’s still alive after your adventures in ME1 and ME2.

Also it looks like your squadmates will no longer be limited in gun selection, which is great because on the harder difficulty, characters with pistols and shotguns weren’t much use for me.

All classes will now go unhindered in terms of weapons, but will be limited in terms of carrying capacity. The only class to carry unlimited weapons is the soldier.

So what do you think? It sounds perfect to me. I thought the actual gameplay of ME2 was an improvement on ME1 in every way. It felt like an honest shooter, which made the battles infinitely more satisfying. As long as they keep that the same (maybe bring back grendades), I think this is going to be a fantastically well-rounded game. Squeee!