Art for my boy

The other week my wife showed me some artwork she wanted to get for Low Five’s room (we haven’t picked out a name yet, so right now he’s Low Five—a nickname the girls at Brooke’s work gave him, as in “high five, low five”). I took a look at it and thought, “Why would I pay for that? I can just do it myself.” So I did. Below is the first picture in a series I plan to do for his room. The style is pretty different from what I usually do and I might go back and tweak it more as I get more confident with it.

When I was a kid, my younger brother and I had these framed pictures of Tom Sawyer in our room. One had him leaning against a fence while another kid painted, and the other hand him on a raft with a puppy. I’m hoping to capture the same sense of imagination and adventure in this series. I’ve got about 4 and half more months to tinker on these, so feedback and suggestions are appreciated. I want these to be as good as they can be for my boy.