Because Bullet Lists are Easy to Write

The other day I read some old 2006 blog posts (which were under a different—and stupid—screen name), and a surprising number of entries were in bullet form. I guess I was just a lazy blogger then. I have three really big entries I’m working on, but none of them are ready, so here’s a link-riddled lazy bullet list of random stuff, for old time’s sake.

-Brooke is 18 weeks pregnant. My son is already rocking out, throwing the horns.

-We bought a house. Closing is on May 24. Houses, like babies, are expensive.

-My brother and his wife are in this weekend and we’re going to do fun stuff. I think I might rent Mortal Kombat. My brother and I can play it while our wives go watch that Robert Pattinson movie.

-Finally got my second monitor/graphic tablet up and working. I have a ton of free commissions to do, plus some techniques I’ve been itching to try. If you’re waiting on a picture, I’m sorry. I’ll get it done soon.

-Dragon Age: Origins has continued to swallow my time. I’m just sinking into the lore now and enjoying it. It’s not the most original fantasy world, but it’s a fun one to play in.

-I do not have Portal 2 because I’m saving my monies for other things, like a house, and baby clothes. I wish I had Portal 2. I also wish I had this thing about Portal 2. It looks cool, and from a journalism/entertainment perspective I think it's genius.

-The Wii 2 controller rumors are crazysauce. This mock up is nuts. If anyone can make something like that work, it’s Nintendo.

-A coworker sent me this video this week and asked if my little boy would be doing stuff like this. Yes, he will.

-A man stopped me on Wednesday while I was walking my dog and asked if I had papers for him. He said I should get him registered and put him in shows because “he is what a bulldog is supposed to be.”

-I decided to give Dr. Who a chance. It was too geeky for Brooke, but I like it. I’m on episode 4 of season one. I watched two seasons of that stupid BBC Robin Hood shown last year, so I feel like I owe it to Britain to watch something better.

-Speaking of Britain, I don’t care that there’s a royal wedding next week. I wish the Today Show would stop trying to force me to care.

-I recently finished “Wise Man’s Fear” by Patrick Rothfuss. I didn’t like it as much as “The Name of the Wind”, but I still found it to be quite enjoyable. Well, I guess that’s obvious since it’s longer than the freakin Bible and I read it in two and a half weeks. That Rothfuss is a great storyteller and I’m excited to see where his career goes.

-Moved into the new building at work this week. It’s the most incredible place I’ve ever worked. Built in basketball court, gym, yoga room, bistro, glassed in meeting rooms with iPads framed outside each door with a custom scheduling app…it’s awesome. It’s the best place to work in Charlotte.

-I think I might go to Heroes Con this year. I’ve never been to a con before, but this one is local and well attended. Some of my favorite artists will be there.