Link gets Evil

The other week when I made the open call for free art commissions Bozanimal suggested I do an evil Link in the Wind Waker style. I’ve sketched out a number of ideas, but I’m not really crazy about any of them. I thought I’d share them anyway so Boz at least knows I’m making progress.

This was the first idea that popped into my mind. I thought I’d turn Link into some kind of menacing mage with a billowing cloak and twisted staff. Probably one of my favorite designs. Lacks action, but it’s cool.

This one actually made it to Photoshop. I took the cloak idea and then turned Link into a sneaky stabber, complete with dagger and wrapped limbs.

Here I took a more stylized, cartoonish approach. Gave Link a mischievous smile and a lighter and bomb. I really like this one too, it’s kind of creepy.

Not sure what I was thinking with this. Link on a motorcycle with Ganondorf in the sidecar. That’s evil right? I don’t know, but Link looks too much like Stewie from Family Guy in this sketch.

Finally we have Link, the vampire killer. My plan with this one was to make him evil through context. The background and environment would be dark and twisted, maybe the bloody corpse of an enemy nearby.

I haven’t settled on one to finalize yet, but Wind Waker Link is surprisingly fun to draw. I’ll be out of town at the Cooper River Bridge Run this weekend, so I can’t do any digital stuff, but I’ll definitely sketch more. Which one would you like to see colored?